Why He Pulls Away Early within the Relationship and the way to form Him Stop

Why Men Pull Away? – the first Stages Story

So, you met! You felt the attraction. You went out on a primary date, and everything was normal – nothing flashy, no stars and signs from above, but he’s an honest guy, and you wish him.

Second date!

Even a 3rd and a fourth… thereon stage, small stars started circling both of you. You were flying on pink clouds and giving the most important smiles your faces could express. last, everything was looking love it was getting into the foremost beautiful direction.

Phone calls, good-night photos, texts with hearts, kisses, and puppies… The thought he might start pulling away didn’t even cross your pinky mind.

Why Men Pull Away? the first Stages Story Takes A Wrong Turn

One day a loud alarm went off in your head and you realized he’s pulling away. At the very beginning of that fairytale, he shook the magic dust off his shoes and slowly started walking toward the hearth exit of your life!

anxious avoidant relationship and honesty in a relationship and fearful avoidant attachment and avoidant attachment style

What happened? Did you say or do something to push him away? the way to stop him from leaving your life? Why men shy away at early stages?

That’s a really common situation. Meeting a pleasant guy that’s well worth the effort is so rare that you simply panic. it’s understandable.

You wonder if he just needs a man-cave-time or he’s trying to interrupt up with you.

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