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Maybe You’ve Finally Found The One For You

There’s something I feel men do better than women… 

They can quickly realize if the lady ahead of them is sweet marriage material or it’s just a one-night-catch. We, women, are too emotional, and it’s often way too easy to spin our heads with a couple of simple gestures…

And while I agree that a lot of women are good at categorizing a person after the connection is over, I still believe that the gentlemen are pros in realizing if a lady is well worth the chase.

But even once you meet a lady who is all into you and you are feeling good together with her, how does one know if she’s the one for you?

9 Signs She’s The One 

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How does one know that she is that the one to marry and the way to seek out out if you’ll be proud of her within the long run?

I’ve summarised 9 unique signs you’ll spot as long as she’s the one for you. And let me tell you, she must tick all the boxes.

1. there’s No got to Talk

There’s really no got to talk sometimes. you’ll easily understand each other’s moods or feelings without mentioning them.  It’s not such as you don’t wish to talk. you’ll roll in the hay for hours, and you aren’t tired of her.  But once you got to stay in silence, maybe even retreat into your man’s cave, she understands you and easily leaves you alone. 

When you are within the same room, there’s no awkward silence – there are just two people that like to be together albeit they don’t talk.

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