9 Shocking Signs Of Disrespect during a Relationship You Shouldn’t Ignore

1. Your partner reads your messages constantly and answers again after a few hours.

I had a friend who ignored my messages the whole time.

Sometimes he was at work so I used to be not bothered by that fact. But he was doing it even when he was home. He would read it and leave it aside for a subsequent hour or two, and reply then. Once, we were within the middle of a crucial conversation when suddenly, he stopped answering. I got worried and had to drive almost an hour to his place to ascertain him watching TV and relaxing on the sofa. does one think this was disrespectful?

I agree…

Many times we don’t have the chance to reply “I’ll text you later” so we leave the phone aside and return thereto afterward. But we are all grown-ups and it’s nice to act intrinsically.

Ignoring your messages indicates a problem.

2. He/She Makes Appointments With You And then Cancels Them.

It is the foremost obvious sign of disrespect in any relationship.

If I cancel an appointment with someone, I may only have two reasons:

First: Something came up within the eleventh hour, it’s urgent and that I cannot postpone it. That’s OK.

Second: there’s no second reason.

It is respectful to myself and therefore the other to travel thereon date then do whatever else I wanted to try to instead. Everything else is pure disrespect within the relationship.

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