5 Tips for Building a Healthy Relationship

You’re not afraid of (respectful) disagreement. Some husbands speak quietly, while others may raise their voices and differ passionately. The key in a strong relationship, however, is not fear of conflict. You have to feel safe to express the things that bother you without fear of reprisal and be able to resolve the conflict without humiliation, deterioration, or insist that you are right.

You keep external relationships and interests alive. Despite romantic fantasy claims or movies, not everyone can meet all your needs. Expecting a lot of your partner can put unhealthy stress on the relationship. To motivate and enrich your romantic relationship, it is important to keep your own identity outside the relationship, maintain ties with family and friends, and maintain your hobbies and interests.

You communicate openly and honestly. Good communication is a key part of any relationship. When they both know what they want from a relationship and feel comfortable expressing their needs, fears and desires, this can increase confidence and strengthen ties between you.

Falling in love vs. staying in love

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For most people, falling in love usually seems to just happen. It is staying in love – or keeping the “falling in love” experience – that requires commitment and action. Given its rewards, though, it’s well worth the effort. A healthy and safe romantic relationship can be a constant source of support and happiness in your life, through good and bad times, which enhances all aspects of your health. By taking steps now to preserve or re-ignite your feelings of love, you can build a meaningful relationship that lasts – even lifelong.

Many couples focus on their relationship only when there are specific problems that cannot be avoided. Once the problems are solved, they often change their attention again to their careers, children, or other interests. However, romantic relationships require constant attention and commitment for love to flourish. As long as the health of your romantic relationship is still important to you, it will require your attention and effort. Identifying and fixing a minor problem with your relationship often helps prevent it from growing into a much bigger problem on the road. The following tips can help you keep falling in love and keep your romantic relationship healthy.

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