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Red meat: how does it affect the human body?

 Red meat is an important source for the human body, as it contains a large amount of proteins important to the body during the growth period.

However, a lot of eating it may cause some harm to human health, especially patients with diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure, so how do these patients avoid the effect of red meat on their health?


An interview with Dr. Najid Fatima.

What is the impact of eating red meat on human health?

  1. Meat is high in nutritional value:
Contains proteins, zinc and iron. Provides the body with the necessary salts, fats and essential amino acids, which the body needs. It is a source of minerals.
  1. But red meat is also rich in fat and cholesterol, and it may cause many health problems, including:
  • Infectious disorders, such as diarrhoea, acidity or high blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Heart disease. 
  • Kidney disease.       

Therefore, a person should eat it in moderation, to obtain its benefits, and avoid its harms.

How does red meat affect the health of patients with heart and high blood pressure?

  • In general, it is necessary to consult a doctor if he authorized them to eat meat, they should be satisfied with a small amount, and eat it in the grill method.
  • For heart patients: Meat should not contain fat, as well as those who often complain of angina pain frequently.
  • As for patients with high blood pressure: Eating red meat does not pose any danger to them, as long as you avoid adding salt when preparing meals, because it causes a sudden and severe rise in blood pressure.

Whoever suffers from acute insufficiency of the coronary artery circulation, he should completely refrain from eating liver because it contains a high percentage of cholesterol.

Finally, it is preferable to eat meat to get rid of fat, as this is better than eating it boiled and roasted, taking care not to burn the meat, for fear of harmful black parts, which are carcinogenic.

What can you advise patients with heart and high blood pressure?

  • Lots of vegetables and fruits, especially rich in fiber.
  • Season the meat during grilling with cumin, spherical, and coriander.
  • A small amount is sufficient to cut the lust of meat, and revive the Sunnah of the beloved, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him. Red meat: How does it affect the human body?
  • Drink emulsions of medicinal herbs that expel toxins, such as thyme, azir, green tea.
  • Drink lemon juice without sugar.
  • Eat fish instead of red meat.               


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