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Nutritional connections help you lose weight quickly


Dietitian from Dayanand Medical College and Ludhiana Hospital in India, Arushi Gupta, recommends certain food combinations if you want to lose weight quickly, according to Onlymyhealth. 

1. Oats with walnuts 

If you start your day with a bowl full of fiber, whole grains can help you lose weight. Studies show that oats contain a good amount of soluble fiber. Walnuts add crunch to soft oats. Moreover, it provides a large amount of polyunsaturated acids that regulate fat storage and insulin metabolism. Walnuts also contain a good amount of protein that helps build muscle and brain function.

 2. Green tea with lemon 

 The only key to losing weight is to maintain a calorie deficit in the body. Green tea contains antioxidants that promote detoxification, and drinking it regularly reduces fat absorption in the body, and also helps boost metabolism. On the other hand, lemon also helps detoxify the body and get rid of belly fat. Drinking green tea with lemon before a workout can help you warm up. 

3. Rice and lentils 

Rice and lentils are a very classic combination in some Middle Eastern dishes, like koshary for example. You should definitely try to replace regular rice with organic brown rice, which has a comparatively higher amount of fibre, which keeps us satiated for longer. Lentils on the other hand fulfill the protein requirements in our bodies that need more energy to digest proteins compared to the energy we get from them, so they automatically help in weight loss. 

4. Chicken with vegetables 

Chicken is a great source of lean meat, which also helps you feel full for longer periods and facilitates muscle growth and repair. You can simply make chicken salads, and include vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers, which contain a good amount of vitamins. 

5. Apple and Peanut Butter 

 Apples and peanut butter are excellent quick snacks. Apples contain a good amount of fiber and including them in your diet can help you reduce visceral fat from your body. On the other hand, peanut butter (salted, unsweetened) contains monounsaturated fats that will keep you full for some time. It also helps reduce the accumulation of fat in the body. 

6. Dark Chocolate 

and Almonds According to some studies, consuming about 1.5 ounces of almonds per day leads to a reduction in fat mainly in the abdomen and thighs, and it also contains a good amount of protein. Dark chocolate contains less sugar by about 7 grams of sugar per standard 30-gram serving. This snack is really tasty and satisfying, but you should be careful not to overeat it, as it contains a good amount of calories. 

7. Yogurt and berries 

 Yogurt is a very healthy food in itself. It contains a good amount of protein, and improves the functioning of the digestive system. It also protects you from diseases such as osteoporosis. The combination of yogurt and berries also further reduce visceral fat. Raspberries are delicious and are not only rich in nutrients but contain very few calories. 

 8. Eggs in Coconut/Avocado Oil Avocado 

oil contains good amounts of oleic acid and omega-3 which improve blood flow in the muscles and can stimulate the burning of fats in the body. Eggs with less or no yolk should be preferred if you are trying to lose weight. The use of avocado oil to cook eggs is good for health and is a very healthy meal with eggs. Avocado oil can be difficult to obtain, so you can use coconut oil as an alternative, as it is rich in good fats and good for heart health, according to “Sputnik.”


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