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18 Signs You’re in a Bad Marriage and Don’t Know It

The signs of a healthy, loving relationship are only too obvious: you can’t keep your hands off of every other, every joke sends you into a fit of laughter, and there’s nothing you would like to try to quite spend time with each other. However, when a relationship starts to travel south, the signs of its collapse are much more insidious.

“When warning signs first appear, we may attempt to rationalize them as normal—after all, no relationship is ideal. And it’s very hard to admit to something as important as one’s marriage showing signs of trouble,” says Dr. Inna Khazan, Ph.D. “And while it’s absolutely true that no relationship is ideal, it’s important to differentiate between imperfections we are willing to measure with and people we aren’t. Once problems we aren’t willing to measure with start to snowball, it’s going to become particularly difficult to deal with them.”

If you’re concerned that your relationship could be in trouble, read on to get these 18 signs you’re in an unhealthy marriage.

1. You don’t meet halfway in terms of finances

While few couples split every expense exactly down the center, differing expectations when it involves your financial future are a serious sign your marriage isn’t as healthy as you would possibly think. Though there’s little evidence to copy the often-cited claim that financial issues are the leading explanation for divorce, there’s ample evidence that means financial woes cause serious relationship issues. In fact, consistent with researchers at Kansas State University, financial disagreements early during a relationship are significantly correlated with overall relationship dissatisfaction.

2. You won’t participate in activities your partner is hooked in to

It’s great—even healthy—to participate in activities independent of your spouse. However, if you or your spouse keep finding reasons to avoid seeing that movie you’ve been dying to observe, take that painting class together, or maybe cook dinner together, that’s a serious sign your relationship is on some seriously unsteady footing.

3. you usually do everything together

On the flip side of that coin, however, is that the danger of relationship codependency. If you and your spouse are joined at the hip for practically every second, you’ll get on the pathway to divorce. What seems initially like healthy closeness turns into a nightmare of codependency, often leaving one or both partners feeling suffocated and wanting to break away.

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4. You ignore each other when you’re within the same room

Sure, it’s not exactly unusual to seek out a few on their phones when they’re spending time together. However, if you discover that each time you and your spouse are alleged to be enjoying one another’s company, you search for any excuse to not engage, you’ll be attempting to sidestep some deeper issues within the relationship.

5. You don’t have the energy to fight with one another

Non-stop fighting during a relationship isn’t an honest thing. However, if you’re too exhausted from the daily monotony or undercurrent of resentment in your relationship, you’ve already more or less hand over on making things better.

6. You’ve stopped happening dates

There’s no denying that it can feel next to impossible to seek out time to travel on frequent dates, particularly when both members of a few work full-time or have children. That said, if you’re skipping date night in favor of doing activities separately or going out with other friends, your marriage is already during a bad place.

Making time for each other is an important part of fostering a healthy relationship, so if you’re regularly avoiding enjoying quality time together, your relationship is merely sure to worsen.

7. You’re passive-aggressive toward each other

Some couples get so won’t to being passive-aggressive toward each other that it stops feeling sort of a big deal. If you can’t communicate your feelings to your spouse without being snarky or passive-aggressive, however, your marriage is already in serious trouble. People in healthy relationships skills to effectively get their needs met by their partner without resorting to immature behavior.

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8. you discover excuses to try to things without your spouse

Do you constantly end up finding reasons to participate in activities without your spouse? Making excuses to try to things—especially those you recognize your spouse would enjoy—without him or her may be a sure sign that your marriage isn’t as healthy and stable as you would possibly love it to be.

9. You’re bragging about your relationship online

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While it’s going to sound counterintuitive, if you’re constantly gushing about your relationship online, you’ll be trying to subconsciously overcompensate for what you recognize your marriage is lacking. One study reveals that folks who are insecure in their relationships were more likely to post about them on social media.

10. You’re having an emotional affair

Though many of us draw the road at physical infidelity, emotional infidelity may be a good sign your relationship isn’t as healthy as you would possibly imagine. If you’re spending time with, confiding in, and usually doing emotionally intimate things with someone aside from your partner daily, your relationship could also be in additional trouble than you think that.

11. You won’t attend counseling

Deciding to travel to counseling isn’t easy. However, if one partner during a relationship thinks that counseling is important and therefore the other partner won’t go, that only confirms how unhealthy your relationship has already become.

12. you are feeling exhausted after spending time with one another

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Think about the way you are feeling after spending time together with your closest friends: maybe you are feeling filled with energy, maybe you are feeling inspired, or even you only feel good about yourself. If the sole thing you are feeling after spending time together with your spouse is exhausted, you’re on a slippery slope toward resentment, fights, and a possible breakdown of your marriage.

13. Your friends express serious misgivings about your relationship

We’ve all heard people say that you simply shouldn’t hear what people need to say about your relationship—after all, how could they understand the inner workings of your marriage?

“You might ignore early signs of unhealthy behavior because you would like to offer your partner an opportunity, think you’ll change him or her, feel that you simply have unhealthy behaviors so you shouldn’t judge somebody else, or believe you don’t deserve someone healthier,” says Karen R. Koenig, M.Ed, LCSW.

However, if you discover that, years into your relationship, people you trust and respect have legitimate concerns about how you and your partner treat one another, odds are your relationship isn’t during a good place.

14. Your phantasy life doesn’t include your spouse

What does one see once you imagine an ideal life? Is it an enormous house on the beach? Getting a graduate degree and an excellent job to travel alongside it? Traveling the world? no matter what your phantasy life includes, if your spouse isn’t a part of that dream, you’re in trouble.

15. You don’t attend your partner for emotional support

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Emotional affairs aren’t the sole way you would possibly be getting your emotional needs met outside your marriage. If you’re wanting to open up to virtually anyone aside from your partner, be it a co-worker, friend, or your mailman, you’re likely trying to form up for something your relationship is not any longer providing you.

“There are some signs that in and of themselves indicate that the connection isn’t healthy. These include not feeling safe physically or emotionally within the relationship,” says Dr. Khazan.

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16. you are feeling like your spouse is holding you back

Do you have big dreams for yourself, but desire your relationship is standing within the way of you accomplishing them? If so, your marriage is probably going in serious trouble.

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While it never hurts to be realistic, if your partner is consistently telling you that the items you’ve always wanted are never getting to happen for you, you’re not receiving the support or love you deserve.

17. You’re keeping secrets

Everybody has those little secrets they keep from their friends, family, or employer, but if you’re hiding big ones from your spouse, your relationship is already in jeopardy, says Dr. Khazan.

Whether you’re ringing up big purchases and not telling your spouse or being deceptive about where you’re going or who you’re going with, your relationship is already within the zone. this is often very true if your secrecy is borne out of a desire to avoid your partner’s potential overreaction to what would generally be considered acceptable behavior, like occasionally buying yourself something small or hanging out with a lover.

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18. You’ve stopped having sex

Sex isn’t everything during a relationship, but it’s never anything. Combined physical and emotional intimacy are what separate romantic relationships from your typical friendship, so if you’re missing one or the opposite, it’s likely there are deeper issues at play.

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