16 Signs You’re Ready for Marriage

First comes love, then comes of these other things.

How does one know when you’re ready for marriage? that is the million-dollar question. Well, did you and your partner recently purchase matching home slippers? have you ever started wearing retainers and college sweatpants during sleepovers? Still wondering, “Am I ready for marriage?” Pose that question to the surface world, and you will get the players out, “When you recognize, you know!”

Gee. Thanks for nothing, amirite?

We here at Brides would never do one like that. Being the experts, we will verify that a successful marriage takes quite being head over heels in love and donning complimentary loungewear. Some prepared self-awareness is crucial, too.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up 16 mostly serious, sometimes funny signs to assist you to tell if you’re able to marry.

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