16 Surprisingly Usual Things Guys Find Is Hot About You

2: Girl On A Mission

You know what you want in life, and you walk towards it every day. Not everyone does that.

So it’s different, it’s something unique, and that’s why it’s alluring. In addition to trust and control, having a clear view of what you want in life is so attractive to men that they can’t resist it. It’s rear to find someone who knows what they want in life. So once you see it out there – it’s hard to step away and not embrace it.

3: Passion Or Hobby

Going into the moment and forgetting about time and people… yes, it’s a passion.

It does not matter if knitting, dancing, papermaking or paper collection – a hobby is your unique passion. It makes your eyes glowing and looks like magic that only you understand. Now, you see why the men put it on the list of the hottest things, right?

4: Small Touches

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You cook, and he passes behind you touching your waist or whatever he’s used to touching on you… and you feel loved. You like the attention and the feeling of closeness.

Well, it works the other way around too.

Men think it’s tempting for their girl to touch them, accidentally or not. It could be shoulder, back, hand, or anywhere else – it brings your touch straight to his head. They feel your love; they know you think about them.

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