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16 Surprisingly Usual Things Guys Find Is Hot About You

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Understanding Men

What does an attractive man think of a woman?

If you believe you know the answer to this, you’re in for a surprise.

Men and women find us attractive in a number of ways (not just the ones in your head now).

We asked: What do you guys find, sexy and alluring with your girls?

They answered!

These are the results:

1: To Be Confident

You may move your eyes around that, but confidence is a magnet for men.

A confident woman looks different – she walks with a straight back, she moves with certainty, she looks at the others’ eyes with the knowledge she is beautiful, smart and deserves everything bright in this world.

And that, my ladies, is irresistible!

So, take a good look in the mirror and finally let yourself realize how awesome you are, a nice, beautiful woman. And you deserve to be proud of it. Love yourself.

2: Girl On A Mission

You know what you want in life, and you walk towards it every day. Not everyone does that.

So it’s different, it’s something unique, and that’s why it’s alluring. In addition to trust and control, having a clear view of what you want in life is so attractive to men that they can’t resist it. It’s rear to find someone who knows what they want in life. So once you see it out there – it’s hard to step away and not embrace it.

3: Passion Or Hobby

Going into the moment and forgetting about time and people… yes, it’s a passion.

It does not matter if knitting, dancing, papermaking or paper collection – a hobby is your unique passion. It makes your eyes glowing and looks like magic that only you understand. Now, you see why the men put it on the list of the hottest things, right?

4: Small Touches

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You cook, and he passes behind you touching your waist or whatever he’s used to touching on you… and you feel loved. You like the attention and the feeling of closeness.

Well, it works the other way around too.

Men think it’s tempting for their girl to touch them, accidentally or not. It could be shoulder, back, hand, or anywhere else – it brings your touch straight to his head. They feel your love; they know you think about them.

5: Stretching Yourself

When you wake up in the morning, and those first stretches in the bed wake up your mind and body it feels good, isn’t it?

Well, it feels good to your men as well!

Men think it’s so inviting when a girl stretches herself. Hands are in the air or touching the neck or the back … some skin here and there – unintended of course. That drives them crazy and wakes up not only their mind…! (the answer is your homework).

6: Who’s The Boss?

No, I played with the words again.

I won’t ask you to go and tell him he’s your boss. Probably the opposite…

Let me explain before I lose your attention.

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Many men believe that when the girl’s acting a little bit bossy is very charming. It’s connected to the confidence, plus adding some fantasies, and there’s the answer to why it’s on this list. But do not confuse the gentle and petty authoritarian attitude with arrogant, selfish control and vanity. And not all the time because it’ll be a turn-off.

7: Surprise Him Tonight… And Tomorrow

I am not just referring to the bed entry portion, although it is important to keep the intimate relationship at a high level by surprising him from time to time. But not every gesture should lead you to bedroom adventures.

Men say they feel attracted to their loved ones when they surprise them. It could be his favorite meal, a planned night out, new socks or a hat, help with some tasks or even simple motivation to keep going. Anything that keeps you out of your way and shows them that you are thinking of them. It’s attractive!

8: When They Ask For Help

Surprising, isn’t it?

Somehow we’re not supposed to ask for help because it makes us look weak.

But on the other hand, they want us to ask them for it? Make up your mind, gentlemen!

Let’s make it as simple as possible – when you can do something on your own. But if you need help with something – ask! It will not make you weak but it will make him feel useful, respectful and a little more … Majesty, stronger!

They are the physically strong half of the relationship and are called partnership as well. This means to help each other in any step – from taking down the curtains to sharing fears and worries. It doesn’t sound like that but it’s very attractive.

9: To Initiate … You Know What

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Yes, we got to that part finally! No way to skip it.

Men love her when the other half starts making love. It turns them on, it makes them feel desired. And everybody loves that!

There are many ways to initiate intimacy even if you’re a bit shy for one or another reason.

10: Your Lips Are His Dream

“Her lips are like living fire” W. Somerset Maugham said.

Lips are the most tempting organ that a woman can offer. Men love the softness, taste and biting of girls ’lips. They love everything about them for many reasons. Women’s lips accept them, tell them the words of love, it is the framework of every smile and promises of intimate pleasure as well.

My dear girls, take care of your lips and use them wisely as you believe it or not – it is one of your sweet advantages in this world.

11: Smart Is Not A Shameful Disease

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Yes, there are men in this world who feel that smart women only bring headaches or are afraid of being duped.

But actually, the majority of men prefer smart.

The pink dolls you are worried about and want to look like are nothing more than a memorial cup that men show around and then bring back to the shelf. A serious relationship that will fulfill their desire is something that comes only with a smart girl.

At some point, we all get to the point where we need good talk, advice, support or just someone to stick to. And I do not know if you’re aware of that but even to know when to stay in silence and when to talk requires a brain. Be happy you have it!

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12: A Smile Brings Another Smile

The smile and laugh are expressions of happiness and joy. One of the most exciting things for men is seeing a happy woman. No makeup or hairdresser can bring great feelings that a happy girl can make her laugh. Surprisingly, men cannot take their eyes off a happy woman. It makes them smile and feel good as well.

Being able to have fun is important to men. It means self-love and acceptance. Moreover, nobody likes grumpy or worried faces, no matter what. So, just be happy! It makes him happy too.

13: Haircare

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There are not many men that don’t pay attention to a woman’s hair. And they certainly don’t notice split ends or different colors as much as we think them.

But the softness of a healthy and well-maintained hair is considered as inviting and attractive part of women.

Men love going through their girl’s hair, they love its fresh scent, and they like to tickle it in bed. So don’t be traumatised he did not notice you’ve changed the color – he still notices how amazing your hair is.

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14: To Be Enthusiastic

Nobody is talking about becoming a jumping doll.

But the look and feel of enthusiasm and liveliness towards things in life are attractive, and many men consider it as seductive as well.

Power comes the deployment of energy with positive enthusiasm shown by everything. Passion, commitment and positivity – the main strings of enthusiasm, drag your man’s eyes toward you. So, show some energy, girls! Your loved ones see it and love it. (we asked …)!

15: “No Makeup” Policy

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First – it will save you money and second: you will look nice to your leg.

The majority of men prefer their girls to look as natural as possible. It is not attractive to touch her face and after that their hand’s sparkle because of the glitter in the powder.

No one says “No!”As for makeup but as naturally as possible as possible is the best match.

Your man loves you because of so many things, but you are sure to find a man in love because his girlfriend looks good with makeup. Love yourself as you are, you won’t walk without a mascara all year round, but it also doesn’t mean 15 layers of eye shadow either.

16: Small Boobs Are Allowed

Boobs and men! It feels like if there’s something that doesn’t exist in this world – that’s a man who doesn’t like boobs. Everything else is possible but that!

However, the thing is that most women believe men love big boobs while research proves that actually, men prefer smaller ones. So instead of thinking about how to change the size of the bras, it’s better to accept ourselves as we are and be happy with them. Men are.

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