16 Surprisingly Usual Things Guys Find Is Hot About You

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Understanding Men

What does an attractive man think of a woman?

If you believe you know the answer to this, you’re in for a surprise.

Men and women find us attractive in a number of ways (not just the ones in your head now).

We asked: What do you guys find, sexy and alluring with your girls?

They answered!

These are the results:

1: To Be Confident

You may move your eyes around that, but confidence is a magnet for men.

A confident woman looks different – she walks with a straight back, she moves with certainty, she looks at the others’ eyes with the knowledge she is beautiful, smart and deserves everything bright in this world.

And that, my ladies, is irresistible!

So, take a good look in the mirror and finally let yourself realize how awesome you are, a nice, beautiful woman. And you deserve to be proud of it. Love yourself.

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