12 Things You Should Do (And Avoid) For A Better Night’s Sleep

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Sleep is one of those things we all need, but not everyone is great at getting it, especially RN. Whether you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, waking up in the morning, or all of the above – getting through the next day in a productive manner can be a real B if you failed at sound sleep the night before. Not only will bags occur – and your skin appear dull, congested, or puffy – but your whole vibe suffers and that’s never good news for anyone.

“Many people assume that insomnia refers only to chronic sleeplessness and they’re wrong,” explains Elizabeth Somer, M.A., R.D., and Medical Advisory Board member for Persona Nutrition. “Insomnia is any sleep problem and if you’re suffering from one, you’re not alone – 95% of adults experience some form of insomnia during their lives.”

Well great. If it makes you feel better, Winston Churchill, Charles Dickens, Cary Grant, and Marilyn Monroe were famous insomniacs as well, but luckily there’s a multitude of things you can do for better sleep.

1. Avoid Eating A Large Meal Before Bed

According to Somer, big dinners make you temporarily drowsy, but they also prolong digestive action, which keeps you awake. Instead, try eating your biggest meals before mid-afternoon and eat a light evening meal of 500 calories or less, with some chicken, extra-lean meat or fish to help curb middle-of-the-night snack attacks.

2. Avoid Spicy Foods After Lunch

In the same manner, Somer says spicy or gas-forming foods also might be contributing to your sleep problems. Dishes seasoned with garlic, chilies, cayenne, or other hot spices can cause nagging heartburn or indigestion, while the flavor-enhancer MSG (monosodium glutamate) causes vivid dreaming and restless sleep in some people, so limit your intake of gas-forming foods to the morning hours and thoroughly chew food to avoid gulping air.

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