12 Brutally Honest Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

Why are you looking for signs that he doesn’t love you anymore?

Let me guess.

Something’s going on in your relationship, and you are looking for 100% no-doubt signs he doesn’t love you anymore.

You often ask yourself looking for signs that he doesn’t want a relationship with you anymore.

Moreover, you truly think that he is on the edge of breaking up with you.

So, how to tell if he doesn’t love you anymore? Does he even care about you?


If it turns out that you are with a man who doesn’t care about you, your heart is about to be broken.

Despite that, it’s far better to be happy alone than miserable with someone who doesn’t want you in his life. If your guy ticks the boxes on 3 or more of the signs below – he doesn’t really love you.

Also, I’ve got a bonus sign he doesn’t love you anymore, and it’s the most important one, so stick to the end of this.

So let’s dive in and find out if it’s true that he isn’t the one for you.

1. You Feel Anxious Around Him, And You Don’t Know Why

Needless to say, if your boyfriend doesn’t love you anymore there’s a weird vibe he transmits onto you, and you feel it. He is probably more confused than you right now, and his anxiousness gets to you.

You often feel like you’re walking on eggshells and like you’re going to explode any second, trying to find out what’s’ going on in his head.

Moreover, if you are in denial and refuse to accept that he no longer loves you, you are in the middle of an internal struggle with yourself. All that slowly kills your sanity, and you get panicked and scared of what the future will bring.

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